Carlsbad is one of the most beautiful cities in the area.  It has many of the things that matter most to families. From top-rated schools and well-funded police and fire departments to keep them safe and raise our families. To our beautiful beaches, recreational spaces, small town feel and ideal weather. With tough times upon us, I believe the unique combination of skills and leadership I have will help preserve our community and navigate through California’s overwhelming far left Democrat agenda. And through more sensible local governing and investment in our local businesses we can maintain and improve upon our community. I am running for City Council  to ensure this community doesn’t succumb to the negative effects of California’s welfare state.

I grew up in a residential city of less than 50,000 people and while it neighbored other cities it felt like it was a small town with everything you needed. Where everyone knew each other. I spent my time with friends in the neighborhood parks and in community sports programs. We knew all our neighbors going back for generations and helping our neighbors was just one of the many values instilled in us. I was blessed to become a father when my daughter Adalynn was born in 2014.  I relocated to Carlsbad in early 2019 before she started school so she could have both parents closer together. While I love the community I grew up in I found Carlsbad to be the perfect community to raise Adalynn in.

Previously I worked as a Project Manager for a company that did exclusively government contracts. I had the privilege of working on projects for every military branch, the FBI, the border patrol and many other federal agencies. As Project Manager I handled projects from budgeting, bidding, contracting, design and engineering throughout completion while handling all obstacles encountered. I managed the budget, negotiated contracts, dealt with federal, state and local regulations, handled disputes and delivered quality service to our clients. I now work for an amazing company doing much of the same for public and private projects throughout the state and in Carlsbad. The company specializes in solar structures and serves the community well by providing clean energy and top-quality products and service. With my experience in Operations I serve on the Board of Advisers for Memore Bakery.

In my free time, I spend it with my daughter. Swimming, going to the park, playing outdoors, indoors, dancing and laughing. When she’s with her mom I spend my time catching up on work, riding horses, dancing and have served several communities and charitable organizations and will continue to be actively involved in our local community.  


As your next city council member I will preserve and improve the quality of living of all Carlsbad residents and make Carlsbad thrive.

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