Our Local Economy

  • Carlsbad is behind the curve in making some of the streets in the Village pedestrian only during business hours. The few business owner opposing this are doing so because they have private parking lots and they don’t want patrons of other businesses parking in their lot. They don’t need to share their lots. However, the benefit our community gains by moving the local economy closer to pre covid conditions far outweighs those objections.

  • Carlsbad should waive all outdoor permitting expenses for local business such as the hefty fees for utilizing parking spots.

  • Carlsbad needs to align with every legal challenge made against Newsom’s executive orders that test the limits of executive power and negotiability of many constitutional rights.

  • Our economy has taken a hit and faces an uphill battle to get back to where it was. During this time fiscal responsibility is more important than ever to ensure residents aren't overburdened with the financial impact. 

  • I will push back against using tax dollars to fund PLA/PSA agreements.