"In my personal and professional dealings with Brian, He has always displayed the utmost integrity, thoroughness and is always responsive. You will find in Brian Higgins an honest, pragmatic and insightful individual who knows the community's needs and will promote an atmosphere of openness. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions."

- Pete Sara, Executive Vice President Kunzik & Sara Construction, Inc.

"I want to give my full endorsement of Brian Higgins as a community leader and future City Council member. I have known Brian for over a decade and the one thing above all else that has always stood out, is his ability to stick to his convictions without compromise. As an active duty member of the United States Air Force and a family member and friend of law enforcement members, first responders and veterans, Brian's values resonate with what is important to myself and my family. He has had tremendous success through his hard work and dedication with his previous endeavors and I know Brian cares about his city and will work ceaselessly to maintain all that is wonderful about Carlsbad while working to restore what it has lost from the effects of Covid and small business shutdown. I trust Brian as someone who will not easily sway to political or social media pressure and change his convictions or morals to suit the climate of the day. He believes in personal accountability, fiscal and governmental conservatism, religious freedom and the rights of small businesses to thrive and survive without fear of government intervention. Brian stands with law enforcement and our military. He understands the sacrifices so many of them have made and how they should not be ostracized for the contemptible actions of a few who disgrace the uniforms they wear and the oaths they took. Hard choices, unpopular choices sometimes have to be made, but I can always rest assured as to the motivations to Brian's actions and the good he will bring to the city. I strongly recommend your support of Brian Higgins for City Council if you believe that Carlsbad deserves strong, decisive but compassionate guidance from someone who cares about the city as much for the current residents as he does for the future residents like his daughter who will one day inherit."

- Blaise Casado


"I have known Brian Higgins for 25 years and our families go back more than 70 years. As a childhood friend, he was always the leader of the pack on the block. Getting other kids to help our elders out with anything they needed. Whether it was bringing out their trashcans, helping with minor yard work and other tasks. Always showing kindness and leading by example at a young age. As an adult, he still remembers his roots. He continues to display all the characteristics of a quality person, amazing father and as a friend, he is second to none. He will always show compassion to those around him and offer reliability. He lifts those around him with charm and quick wit. He’s a real class act."

- Michael Rijnders 

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