I hope everyone is safe and voluntarily participating in considering the safety of others. I know the information on this topic has been extremely politicized and divisive with new information surfacing everyday.


Some of that information is conflicting. Carlsbad recently had a 2-2 vote on whether to fine people for not wearing masks. I would not vote for such a measure. It is infringing on Constitutional rights and puts our officers and community in a adverse position . 

My first goal will be to ensure Carlsbad has clear information so that our residents can make informed decisions and decide whether the degree of anxiety that comes with this pandemic is warranted or if they’re not taking it seriously enough. Carlsbad should be using local resources to develop clear unbiased information on Covid 19 as it relates to Carlsbad. Specifically utilizing antibody IgM and IgG testing. Utilizing clear baselines to allow our residents to be well informed, able to make their own conclusions and ease uncertainties.  It will also further bolster our communities ability to challenge executive orders. 

In the US the age of kids under 15 that have died from covid is 57. In sweden who never locked down the number is 0. The population difference accounts for the difference.  in numbers. 

Sweden's public health agency reported that a study done comparing professions and incidence of covid showed no increase risk for teachers. Yet teachers refuse to enter the classroom in many areas while announcing they won't until the police are defunded. 

The science has become lumped together with the politics. We need to get the politics out of community interests. 

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