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I will encourage Carlsbad to align with every legal challenge made against Newsom’s orders that creates undue hardship on our community.

II am seeking and will seek to suspend Carlsbad’s hefty permit fees for our businesses to operate outdoors and utilize public parking spaces. Until we can resume business as usual. And keep them suspended until it is unlikely that the state or county will re-implement the restrictions. Our goal should be to get our businesses up and running at the highest capacity they can be within current regulations. 

I will be a financial watchdog for the community. I will push back against those pushing to include PLA/PSA language in our contracts which drive of the cost of Public Works and wastes a nauseating amount of tax dollars. For those unaware PLA also called PSA is requirements to hire union affiliated signatories. From personal experience with Government and Public Works I can tell you this language in our contracts increases costs to the tax payers enormously. That's why they have donated sickening amounts of money to candidates who will lobby for them instead of represent your interests.


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